1935 Labor Day Weekend Weather Advisories (Cont.)

Sunday, September 1, 10 a.m.: Key West reported 89 degrees with winds blowing out of the north at 12 mph. “Hoist storm warning south of Miami to Fort Myers. Tropical disturbance central short distance south of Andros Island moving westward. Shifting gales and winds of hurricane force. Storm will pass through Florida Straits late tonight or Monday. Caution advised vessels in path."

Sunday, September 1, 9:30 p.m.: Key West reported 84 degrees with 11 mph winds. “Tropical disturbance 260 miles east of Havana moving westward. Caution vessels Florida Straits for the next 36 hours.”

Monday, Septmeber 2, 3:30 a.m.: Key West reported 82 degrees and winds out of the northeast at 11 mph. “Tropical disturbance still of small diameter but considerable intensity moving slowly westwards off the coast of northcentral Cuba. Caution advised against high tides and gales Florida Keys and for ships in path.”

Monday, September 2, 10 a.m.: Key West reported 88 degrees with winds out of the north at 15 mph. “Tropical Depression about 200 miles due east of Havana moving slowly westward probably with hurricane force small area near center.”

Monday, September 2, 1:30 p.m.: Key West reported 82 degrees. Winds out of the north at 18 mph. “Hurricane warnings ordered for Key West. It will be attended by winds of hurricane force Florida Straits and Florida Keys south of Key Largo this afternoon and tonight.”

Monday, September 2, 4:30 p.m.: Key West reported 83 degrees. Winds out of the north at 21 mph. “Hurricane warnings for town of Everglades and Miami to West Palm Beach. Tropical Storm now apparently moving north westward toward Florida Keys and accompanied by hurricane winds over small area. High tides probable. Please notify people in exposed places to take adequate precautions.”

Monday, September 2, 10 p.m.: Key West reported 81 degrees. Winds out of the northwest at 34 mph. “Hurricane warnings north of Everglades to Punta Gorda. Tropical disturbance of full hurricane intensity but rather small diameter central 8 p.m. near Matecumbe Key moving northwestward accompanied by shifting gales and hurricane winds near center.”